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Lucas Marcelli

An incredibly passionate coder who loves food, cats, space, videogames and much more. Employed as a full stack developer at JoeZoo.

Cause I work off a Macbook I guess?


This is where my sleep lives. It's a good collection of some active and past projects. Games and apps and other fun stuff, check it out.

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Latest post: July 01, 2016


My Name is Lucas Marcelli. I have a degree in Computing from Queen’s, several years of experience and a passion for development.

Coding is both my livelihood and the way I challenge myself to grow each day. I think programming is an incredibly powerful tool not only for the consumer space, but as a way to teach problem solving and analytical skills. When I was in university I co-founded and managed a not-for-profit called Code For Kids, which really showed me how fast kids pick up coding concepts.

I’m much more than just a developer. I love astronomy, cats, cooking and video games. I’m passionate about mental health and self improvement. I love to explore new ways of incorporating my skills and interests into living well. Currently I’m dabbling in adult colouring books and journaling, along with a webapp I’m developing to track mood changes over time.

If you ever want to chat about anything at all, email me at


Where my sleep lives.

  • This WebsiteActive Development 👷

    I use as my staging ground and sandbox. When new technologies come out, especially for front end, I try them here first and then write about it. This is all hosted on github pages via Jekyll, meaning I have free static hosting as long as I don't need dynamic content. Also where my blog lives.

  • Getting into ShapeLifting Daily 💪

    I'm on a health kick lately, and trying to make it stick as a change in my lifestyle. Follow me on my quest to lift heavy things and get bigger and more attractive while doing so. All kidding aside, working out and eating healthy has had a huge impact on my life and I can't suggest it enough.

  • Mindful ColouringReaching Zen ⛱

    Colouring books really help me meditate mindfully. I've actually sold prints of my colouring books for an art show, and I'm really happy with the results both on my mind and my coordination.

  • CS:GO Case SimulatorOccasional Updates 😚

    This simulation lets you open all the cases you want while showing you some info about how bad of an idea it is to open cases. Totally client side and hosted on github, it was a fun project to throw together, plus who doesn't love DIGITAL SPORTS? Choose a case to open and watch your money fly away!

  • Dad's WebsiteOccasional Updates 😚

    I made this for father's day. It's dedicated to my dad, who really sacrificed a lot and stuck by me through thick and thin. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Also hosted on Github Pages!

    Love you lots dad.

  • Mood TrackerOn Hold 🙌

    A personal project of mine with 200 registered users. It's a webapp to track mood changes and other indicators over time and identify problems. Tracking mood and living mindfully can really help mental health, even if you have no issues.

    Mood changes through the day. For people with depression, anxiety or another mental illness, these fluctuations can mean the difference between having a normal day or spending it in bed. By tracking the way you feel often, it becomes possible to identify the things that help you and hurt you.

    Inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy, none of the apps on the market had everything I wanted. The beautiful thing about being a developer is you get to sit down and do it yourself if you want it badly enough!

    Still in alpha, a huge update is planned but it is on hold for now while I look for a place to live and get settled into my new job.

  • Kasaya GameFinished Development 👍

    A project completed over a semester in game design class. Control your cute bird-hero and his gravity powers in this novel take on your standard platformer. This was made using Unity 3d before it natively supported sprites and 2D development out of the box. Recieved an A+ and it was a huge hit at the Creative Computing Convention at Queen's.

    Similar in concept to the popular indie game vvvvvvvv.


    The main difficulty for players on the first playthrough was figuring out that changing gravity doesn’t immediately change the direction that you are moving in. It’s counter intuitive to how you move around in day-to-day life, unless you fly planes. Upon getting used to it they were able to have fun navigating the maze of spikes and enemies present in the game. Not shown above is also the ability to click and drag a vector to change the gravity of a specific object.

    The game ends with a sonic dunk. Try it out!

  • Old WebsiteFinished Development 👍

    Essentially an archive of my old websites. All the posts are migrated over to the blog here, but I left the old sites up for posterity. My last designs were mostly blog-centric, this design is more of a personal showcase.

  • Code for KidsNo Longer Operating 😢

    This not-for-profit was the brainchild of my good friend Julian Nadeau. Seeking to bring the joys of coding and design to kids, I took on the role of managing director and cofounder. We succeeded in reaching almost 800 kids, 4 cities, and countless lines of code. The highlights included being named in the top fold of the Globe and Mail, and being featured on TV in Montreal. It was truly a blast to work with the sponsors and the team Julian and I put together.